Elliot went to Temple Moor High School in Leeds and worked in a range of jobs after leaving school before doing a degree as a mature student in international studies at Leeds University in 1997.

Elliot has always worked in the public sector, as a postman on leaving school, then later in information technology, town planning and currently as a tax professional. He’s seen first hand the erosion of public services through underfunding and back-door privatisation.

This led to him to becoming an active trade unionist, and he’s been a local trade union representative for the Public and Commercial Services Union since 2002. Through his union experience he’s developed a range of skills in negotiating and campaigning on issues that concern his members, and representing individual employees in personal cases.

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Elliot lives in Otley and joined the local Labour Party in 2016, after realising that the Labour achievements which had benefited his family, like the NHS, comprehensive education and welfare provision, could not be defended through workplace action alone.

‘I want to contribute to the Labour Party’s efforts to ensure social justice is a reality for the many, not just the few’ says Elliot.  “If elected, I’d use the skills and experience gained from my trade union work to listen to and stand up for residents concerns. I’d be conscientious and efficient in dealing with indvidual cases that needed a councillor’s support. I would make sure the council provides good quality services for our area, and hold them to account when they don’t. I’d be active in seeking funding and resources to meet the important needs and concerns identified by the people of Otley and Yeadon.”