Sian is a Yeadon resident and has lived in the area for over 20 years.  She lives with her teenage son who goes to the local high school. She enjoys the outdoor spaces Otley and Yeadon have to offer and often walks her dog around Yeadon Tarn – Yeadon Dam as it’s known by the locals – or on Otley Chevin.  As a Yeadon resident, Sian hears day to day about the local issues that people face within the community.

Sian is the first Yeadon resident to stand in the ward for over a decade

“I’m the first Yeadon resident to stand as a city council candidate in the ward of Otley and Yeadon for over a decade,” says Sian. “I love living in Yeadon, and I completely understand the feeling of many residents that Yeadon gets left out because we don’t have a councillor who lives in the town. With 3 Labour candidates in this election, voters have the chance to make sure that both Yeadon and Otley have a strong and effective voice on the city council after May 3rd.”

Currently employed in the recruitment sector, Sian helps to place people in the right job for their skills, and has previous experience in youth work.  As a youth worker, Sian supported young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, raising their aspirations and developing their employability skills. She has huge experience of standing up for people, helping them to solve problems, and supporting their needs and goals.

Sian wants to use this experience to give the people of Otley and Yeadon the representation they deserve. If she is elected in May she will work hard with other councillors and officers in Leeds to ensure the best deal for the community she calls home.