Labour came second in the West Chevin by-election, but it was a close-run result compared with the last town council election in this ward, in 2015. Labour won 33% of the total poll this time, losing to the Liberal Democrats by only 70 votes. Comparisons with the last West Chevin election are not straightforward, as it was an all-out election for four town council seats in 2015, with a different range of candidates. Taking this into account, Labour estimates its share of the vote this time was up by around 7%, representing a substantial swing from Lib Dem to Labour of 4.6%.

Liz Carr - Hi Res
Liz Carr

Labour candidate Liz Carr said, “I’d like to say a big thank you to everybody who voted for me. The big increase in the Labour share of the vote in this election suggests the tide that began in the general election is continuing to turn away from the Lib Dems. Their decisions to hike the town council tax, and not to send out polling cards has angered many residents that we spoke to during the campaign. Our stand for proper management of the town council tax, and against the scrapping of polling cards, resonated with many voters – it was a vote for greater accountability and a proper democratic process for elections.”