Bringing people together

In May this year, Otley and Yeadon voters will elect one city councillor to represent our area on Leeds City Council. Although we now have an active Labour MP, Alex Sobel, representing our constituency in Westminster, we have no Labour councillors for our area, and could achieve so much more for Otley and Yeadon if we did! The May 2nd city council election is a chance to elect someone who will speak up for Otley,  actively engage with Labour-run Leeds, and get the support of the city’s councillors and officers to ensure that our area is getting the services it needs.

 Introducing Elliot Nathan

Labour’s pop up stall in Yeadon

Elliot lives in Otley and Yeadon ward, and works in Leeds. He comes from a working class family. He grew up in Leeds, left school early, and later studied as a mature student at Leeds University. His children, now grown up, went to Prince Henry’s School in Otley. Elliot has been an active trade unionist for 15 years, and wants to use his experience of negotiating and problem-solving for the benefit of  people who live in Otley and Yeadon.

Elliot’s message to you

“We’re living in a time of national and global uncertainty, with a rise in hate speech and hate crimes, and a country divided over Brexit. Getting angry about local problems and issues, and attacking those you think are responsible doesn’t solve anything, it just fuels more anger.

I want to use my negotiating experience to bring people together, to fully understand issues or problems that are thrown up, to look for workable solutions, and bring together people in the community, the city council, and our Labour MP where helpful, to make things happen. A local councillor who isn’t part of the solution is part of the problem.”

Contact Elliot

Elliot would like to hear from you if there are local issues that concern you. You can contact him at, or write, no stamp needed, to Freepost NAT 21842, Nelson St, Otley, Leeds, LS21 1YE