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Local candidate seeks more imaginative solutions

Otley and Yeadon Labour party have selected Ian McCargo as their candidate for the city council elections on May 4th.

Ian McCargo with red tie and Labour rosette
Ian McCargo, Labour candidate for Otley and Yeadon for the city council elections

Ian said: “I’m delighted to be chosen as the candidate for Otley and Yeadon. My family and I know the area well. I worked in Rawdon for over 15 years for a major local employer. My younger children did martial arts lessons in Otley and my daughter started work at Otley Sainsburys.”

Ian has been active in the Labour movement for over 20 years and is secretary of Leeds Co-operative party. He’s been out and about in Yeadon and Otley gathering residents’ views on some of the local challenges they face – such as traffic, parking, public transport, housing conditions, including damp, and the lack of provision for young people.

“Labour and the Co-operative party support solidarity in our society, from these neighbourhood concerns to workers seeking fair pay and conditions and households struggling with food and heating bills. We CAN find imaginative solutions – which are green, affordable, and fair to everyone. This is what Labour and the Cooperative party are about,” said Ian.