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What’s the choice at this election? – Otley

The Tories – enough is enough!

Whatever your politics, you know things just don’t feel right at the moment.

  • High energy prices
  • Rising interest rates
  • Food shortages
  • Companies making vast profits at our expense – supported by their Tory friends in government
  • Ordinary people even on reasonable incomes struggling to make ends meet
  • HERE in Otley, inadequate public transport because unfair funding favours the wealthy South.

Labour and the Co-operative Party – standing for solidarity and an economy fair for all

  • The co-operative movement is more relevant than ever, tackling some of the great issues of our time.
  • Food justice projects – the City Council’s Food Champion is a Labour and Co-op councillor
  • Community energy organisations
  • Fair taxation
  • In touch with local people and responding to local needs

Your Labour candidate for Otley and Yeadon ward – Leeds City Council

Ian McCargo with red Labour rosette on Yeadon High Street

Ian McCargo

Working hard for Otley and Yeadon

Thursday 4th May

Your vote matters

Ian McCargo with red rosette outside Otley Children's Centre

Voting really does change things. The country voted Labour in 1945 and Labour created the NHS. The country voted Tory in 1979 and the Tories privatised council housing, gas, electricity, water, and public transport.

Your vote counts in local elections too. Leeds Labour kept open all its Children’s Centres in the face of huge Tory cuts. And it’s keeping services in-house – protecting jobs and running the services for people, not profit. A vote for Labour will help protect the local services we all rely on.


Labour wants to make Otley a great place to live by supporting its economy, helping to create jobs, and making sure there are homes that people can afford. We also want to make sure everyone feels included in the community, and we’ll work to build on what makes Otley special.

Ian McCargo with red rosette on Otley Kirkgate

If you choose me as your councillor, I’ll work hard to get the best deal for Otley – to tackle some of the long term issues you’ve mentioned, such as damp housing, traffic and parking problems, anti-social behaviour and more activities for young people. I’ll work with senior Labour city councillors and officers, your Labour and Co-op MP Alex Sobel, Otley Town Council and organisations with services and resources we can can tap into.

You want Otley to be a strong and sustainable community. I will fight for the resources to make that happen.

Labour delivering for Otley

    Leeds Children’s Services have now been rated Outstanding by Ofsted – not once but twice.
    The City Council has cut its energy use by 24% meaning more money for our local public services
    The Council’s new Serious Environmental Crime Team is tackling fly tipping
    Leeds Labour is keeping Council services in-house – not subsidising the profits of private companies
    The Council aims to build 1500 new council homes by 2025 and new care units for 1000 older people
Ian McCargo in Otley bus station

Ian’s priorities for Otley

Otley has traffic problems that affect the whole town. Better public transport – more frequent, on-time buses – would help reduce traffic. I will push for these changes, as well as a bigger site for the bus station and more buses to Menston station, Leeds, and Bradford, with through-ticketing.

Ian McCargo outside the old Otley civic centre / mechanics institute

The UK planning system favours developers, so we get bad plans like East of Otley and the Civic Centre. Otley’s Neighbourhood Plan is a blueprint for better planning. With local people, city planners, and our MP I’ll fight for affordable homes built with respect for their environment.

Otley needs more activities and safe spaces for children and young people, from playparks to youth centres. We’ll set up a panel to talk to young people and find out what they want. Then we can create new projects, work with local groups and organisations, and raise funds to make it happen.

Ian McCargo
07934 479880

I’m delighted Otley & Yeadon Labour members have chosen me as your candidate. I live locally and I’ve got to know Otley well over 20 years. I worked at EMIS in Rawdon for 15 years. My daughter’s first job was at Otley Sainsbury’s. My younger children took martial arts lessons in Station Road, Otley. I am secretary of Leeds Co-op Party – Labour’s sister party – and a trustee of a Millennium Green charity. I’ve been chair of governors at a Leeds primary school. In the 2017 general election I came within 350 votes of becoming Labour MP for Pudsey.