Richard Davies wins Danefield in Town Council by-election

Danefield resident Richard Davies says:

I am delighted to have been elected to represent Danefield Ward in the Town Council byelection on 6 May, 2021.

What I’d like to achieve on the Town Council

My priorities as a town councillor will be:

  • Getting the best from the East of Otley development: quality housing, enhanced green spaces, reduced traffic coming into town, and improved facilities for sports clubs.
  • Helping local businesses and shops to bounce back from Covid, with a particular emphasis on improving the provision of live music and entertainment.
  • Improving facilities for young people where they can meet in a safe environment, especially the under 18s.
  • Working more closely with the city council to improve the services they provide in Otley.
  • Enforcing 20 mph speed limits on residential streets.

I will be spelling out more detail about each of these over the coming weeks and months.

Getting action on Otley’s Neighbourhood Plan

A lot of work was done by a group of committed volunteers to create Otley’s excellent Neighbourhood Plan.  I want the Town Council to commit to an action plan which explains how the Neighbourhood Plan policies are going to be implemented and when.  I think we have had enough talk, it’s time to explain to the community how this work is going to be done.

A bit about me…

I have lived in the Danefield ward with my partner and children for 20 years. I was a key community member of the steering group which developed the Otley Neighbourhood Plan for the Town Council and I’m active in several local community groups.  I currently chair Sport Chevin which is fighting for better sports facilities across the town and the Otley Music Alliance which is seeking to improve the provision of live music.

I’ve worked for 25 years in senior roles at Leeds City Council, the Environment Agency and the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in the fields of emergency planning, flood risk management and project management.

I love living in Otley and have been involved in a number of initiatives seeking to give Otley the same quality of facilities and services that other nearby towns enjoy.  I have a lot of experience in bringing diverse organisations and people together for a common aim and networking with government and other funding bodies to source the money needed for projects. I think this skillset is much needed on Otley Town Council.

Please get in touch

I’d like to have a conversation with local residents about what a Labour town councillor can do for Otley. Please get in touch using the ‘Contact Us’ page here or contact me through my Facebook page.