By Election Called for West Chevin

Otley Town Council is short one councillor after Savanna Dabill (Lib Dem) stepped down from her post earlier in the year. The democratic process of replacing her has begun although one particular Lib Dem councillor feels that they should have been able to simply co-opt a new councillor for 12 months. As Labour Party member … Continue reading By Election Called for West Chevin


Why the NHS is important in Thursday’s election

  “Looking ahead, the NHS and social care are now set for a decade-long funding squeeze which will see the largest sustained falls in spending as a share of GDP on both services in modern times.” John Appleby, King’s Fund, commenting on 2016-2020 Spending Review, Nov 2105 On Thursday you’ll be voting for the person … Continue reading Why the NHS is important in Thursday’s election

Tour de Yorkshire puts Otley on global tourism map

There's a huge buzz in Otley today with the Women's Race early this morning and the Men's Race this afternoon. Otley is very proud of our own Lizzie Armitstead, competing in the Tour de Yorskhire Women's Race, which has attracted the most lucrative women's cycle race prize in the world. Nik Rutherford, our Labour candidate was … Continue reading Tour de Yorkshire puts Otley on global tourism map

Nik Rutherford’s plan for work with young people

Otley and Yeadon are small communities, where we can and should be able to reach every young person, especially those who’ve missed out at school. We have to tackle the idea of a two-speed community where some young people do well while others miss out altogether.

Traffic congestion in Otley

The Otley ODD campaign has emailed all the candidates seeking views on the impact of planned housing developments on Otley’s traffic congestion. ODD points out that unless action is taken to ensure that infrastructure improvements are identified in advance, the planning system will consider each development individually.  This could mean that any infrastructure improvements will … Continue reading Traffic congestion in Otley