Welcome to Otley & Yeadon Labour Party. We are based at the Philip Coyne Labour Rooms in Nelson Street, Otley.

We don’t have a Labour councillor for Otley and Yeadon.

Nik Rutherford is our candidate for the city council elections on May 5th.

Read more about the priorities that Nik has identified from conversations with you and people in your neighbourhood, and his plans for tackling these  priorities if he’s elected as your city councillor on May 5th. Click on the links below:

We’re working to give the people of Otley and Yeadon a strong voice on Leeds City Council, to help to mitigate the effects of the Government’s cuts and to stand up for local residents.

And we’re working to oppose and get rid of this terrible Conservative Government by electing a good Labour MP to represent our constituency in 2020.

Nik Rutherford poster