On May 3rd 2018 local elections will be held across the UK and will include all 32 London Boroughs, 34 metropolitan boroughs (of which Leeds is one), 68 district / borough councils, and 17 unitary authorities.

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Leeds is represented by 99 councillors, that’s 3 for each of the 33 wards in the city, and on May 3rd all of them will be up for election. Here in Otley & Yeadon the Labour Party has chosen its candidates and we’re very proud of them. Alex Sobel MP (Leeds North West – Lab) has said “I’m delighted we have a passionate and hardworking team of candidates for Otley and Yeadon, full of energy and commitment.”

The candidates are (more details to follow):

Sian Gregory: Sian Gregory has been chosen by local Labour Party members as prospective candidate for Otley and Yeadon in Leeds Council elections in May 2018.

Sian is a Yeadon resident and has lived in the area for over 20 years. She lives with her teenage son who goes to the local high school. She enjoys the outdoor spaces Otley and Yeadon have to offer and often walks her dog around Yeadon Tarn – Yeadon Dam as it’s known by the locals – or on Otley Chevin. As a Yeadon resident, Sian hears day to day about the local issues that people face within the community.

“I’m the first Yeadon resident to stand as a city council candidate in the ward of Otley and Yeadon for over a decade,” says Sian. “I love living in Yeadon, and I completely understand the feeling of many residents that Yeadon gets left out because we don’t have a councillor who lives in the town. With 3 Labour candidates in this election, voters have the chance to make sure that both Yeadon and Otley have a strong and effective voice on the city council after May 3rd.”

Currently employed in the recruitment sector, Sian helps to place people in the right job for their skills, and has previous experience in youth work. As a youth worker, Sian supported young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, raising their aspirations and developing their employability skills. She has huge experience of standing up for people, helping them to solve problems, and supporting their needs and goals.

Sian wants to use this experience to give the people of Otley and Yeadon the representation they deserve. If she is elected in May she will work hard with other councillors and officers in Leeds to ensure the best deal for the community she calls home.

Elliot Nathan: Elliot went to Temple Moor High School in Leeds and worked in a range of jobs after leaving school before doing a degree as a mature student in international studies at Leeds University in 1997.

Elliot has always worked in the public sector, as a postman on leaving school, then later in information technology, town planning and currently as a tax professional. He’s seen first hand the erosion of public services through underfunding and back-door privatisation.

This led to him to becoming an active trade unionist, and he’s been a local trade union representative for the Public and Commercial Services Union since 2002. Through his union experience he’s developed a range of skills in negotiating and campaigning on issues that concern his members, and representing individual employees in personal cases.

Elliot Nathan.jpg

Elliot lives in Otley and joined the local Labour Party in 2016, after realising that the Labour achievements which had benefited his family, like the NHS, comprehensive education and welfare provision, could not be defended through workplace action alone.

‘I want to contribute to the Labour Party’s efforts to ensure social justice is a reality for the many, not just the few’ says Elliot.  “If elected, I’d use the skills and experience gained from my trade union work to listen to and stand up for residents concerns. I’d be conscientious and efficient in dealing with indvidual cases that needed a councillor’s support. I would make sure the council provides good quality services for our area, and hold them to account when they don’t. I’d be active in seeking funding and resources to meet the important needs and concerns identified by the people of Otley and Yeadon.”

James Ranson: James grew up in a working class family in Manchester. He came to Yorkshire in 1997 to do a course in Fire Safety & Management at Leeds University and has lived much of the last 21 years in different areas of outer North Leeds. He got married in 2011 and he and his wife now live near Leeds-Bradford airport.

James began work in sales for Cable and Wireless in Seacroft before moving into a career in recruitment.  He was an operations manager for Harvey Lawrence, a leading recruitment business to the construction industry, where he ran a large team of staff recruiting in the civil engineering sector.


He continues to work in recruitment locally and is a member of the GMB union. The old adage ‘We have two ears and one mouth…’ has been key in forming James’ approach to community politics. He is keen to draw on the rich local knowledge of residents to bring people together to tackle the problems and achieve the goals they identify.

“When we can use the skills and experiences of as many people as possible within a community, and we can work together and share ideas without fear or prejudice, the whole community benefits,” says James. “If elected, I want to use my communication, sales and organisational skills to campaign on behalf of residents in Otley and Yeadon and ensure that our communities get a fair deal from Leeds City Council.“

Here’s the team out at Otley Market Square and Yeadon Tarn