Traffic congestion in Otley

The Otley ODD campaign has emailed all the candidates seeking views on the impact of planned housing developments on Otley’s traffic congestion. ODD points out that unless action is taken to ensure that infrastructure improvements are identified in advance, the planning system will consider each development individually.  This could mean that any infrastructure improvements will … Continue reading Traffic congestion in Otley

Speeding problems in Yeadon

“Speeding is a constant problem in Yeadon and we urgently need to do something to change the way that drivers think. If elected in May, I am proposing to purchase additional speed indicator signs for Yeadon. These devices have been proven to reduce speeding. They will be especially effective in reducing drivers’ speed as they come … Continue reading Speeding problems in Yeadon

Nik calls for area-wide opposition to academies

[Pictured above is John Eveleigh, then Labour Leader of Otley Town Council, leading the march through Otley to oppose Prince Henry's becoming an Academy in 2011. Teachers' unions, parents, some governors and the local town council opposed the change, which the Board of governors voted through by a very narrow majority.] Labour candidate Nik Rutherford is calling … Continue reading Nik calls for area-wide opposition to academies

Nik’s vision for tourism in Otley

Nik believes there are huge new opportunities to promote Otley as a visitor destination, which can help hospitality, cultural and creative businesses in town as well as creating jobs and increasing business for Otley's excellent range of independent retailers.

Nik Rutherford – Otley & Yeadon’s Labour candidate for Leeds City Council

   A message from Nik, who is standing to represent Otley and Yeadon on the city council in the local elections on May 5th: "The government has cut Leeds City Council funding to the bone.  I'm not interested in blaming, attacking or calling for the impossible. I want to bring people together, and get stuck … Continue reading Nik Rutherford – Otley & Yeadon’s Labour candidate for Leeds City Council